Thursday, September 19, 2013

River Ripples

There is a beautiful secluded spot on the Smith River in northern California that we try to visit whenever we can squeeze in a road trip up the coast.

We found it in 2006. While I knew that such lovely rivers existed throughout the United States, in National and State Parks and Forests, I was astounded to learn that one could stop along the highway, walk down a path, and just jump in – that it was “allowed”! I attribute this ignorance to being an immigrant who spent most of my youth studying and working, rather than exploring. But I have great admiration for the many people who came upon these beautiful locations and made the effort to preserve and share them with the rest of us.

Swimming in cold water is something I avoid with a passion. But on a hot summer day, I have to admit that these waters are mesmerizing. The sun’s rays refract on the waters surface creating sparking jewels of glorious colors and hidden depths. They weave a magical spell and it is impossible to resist its call…to drink in its thirst-quenching beauty…and lose oneself.

Yikes! It’s freezing…but wow…just…beautiful.

Next time you are traveling between California and Oregon, take a little detour to Highway 199 and make a quick stop at the Mary Adams River Access.  If you are heading north, it will be on your right, just before the bridge. You won't be disappointed.

On the Bosphorus
Istanbul, Turkey - 2012
photo by Roger Winter

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